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I am a Freelance writer, poet, editor, artist & catoonist. My work is used by several OnLine companies to attract readers. Some of my writings have been translated into Chinese on the internet. I am posted on FaithWriters & Ezine and I edit the Harford County Christian Jail Ministry, (HCCJM) Newsletter, in Harford Co. Maryland. A follower of Christ, I work for the humane treatment of prisoners, the homeless and the disenfranchised

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I Care

*"Prometheus" drypoint by Wolfram Geothe
I Care
I care about my city, which I have seen slowly dying under the attack of the demons of illicit drugs and criminal activity, from the mayors and crooked city counsel members to the kids on the street; of course, the only ones who end up in jail are the underprivileged (poor) kids.
I care about my countrymen who are serving and giving there best around the globe and are proving that the people of our nation care about other countries.
I care about the people of other nations.
I care about them whether the governments of those nations would make themselves our enemies or not.
I care about every single prisoner anywhere in any prison anywhere for any reason.
I care about the homeless,
the ones who many of our citizens
in the financial upper strata don’t want to see.
But I also care about the rich people too.
I am a Catholic and I care about my Church, because like my nation, she is always at work to help people (mostly anonymously) and no matter how much she gives even the people whom she has helped still put her down.
I care about grandmothers who are raising the third and fourth generations of their progeny because the first and second generations succumbed to the drug & vice scene and ended up disabled, dysfunctional, dead or institutionalized for some reason or another.
These courageous women (mamas) keep our country together, their love and faith are the gravity, fabric and glue that binds and unites our society at its roots and keeps our nation from dissolving into something that would be an unrecognizable mess; they are the Suns around which our families orbit, believe it or not, this assertion is true.
Think about it.
I care about my family,
even though they can be self-absorbed jerks,
I still love them.
I care so much that I have to declare it just so I can try to understand it, because I don’t understand why I care so much now; I spent most of my life not caring about anything and being a self-absorbed jerk; I’m still a self-absorbed jerk just like most of the rest of my family, at least now I care about it and am trying to change and I know that the young ones are going to make the same mistakes I made and no matter how much I care I can’t prevent them from doing that.
All I know for sure is that I started to care when I surrendered to the will of God, I know that sounds korny to some, but I really heard It, that Still Small Voice, which is written of in the First Book of Kings and which said to me “Let go” when I responded in my meditation “Let go of what?” the whispered answer was “Everything.”
I care about the ministry for which I volunteer. I pray that she is always guided and directed by the Holy Spirit.
I care about the outreach agencies and medical institutions that help me, I care about those who work for them and the other people they help.
I care about and love my wife in ways that go so deep into my Soul that I haven’t found its limits and don’t believe I ever will.
I care about you.
It is a beautiful but hard and painful thing, to care so.

Copyright © 2007 by James A. Stratemeyer
HCCJM Newsletter, editor

The Harford County Christian Jail Ministry Is a non-profit, all volunteer, prison outreach. Visit the ministry website @ http://www.hccjm.com/
We rejoice in the opening of Lydia's House our safe house for women in the Aberdeen/Edgewood area of Harford Co. Md. this August 2007.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I care a lot too Aslan. Many of the same things you care about, I care about as well my friend. That is the problem with our society today...our entire world actually. People have just lost that love and care for each other; they have lost that love and care for life and that is why we have so much death in our world today. People simply have no regard for what God has given us and that is life itself. We have to do better as a people in order to preserve life and not take it away senselessly.

Plain and simple, we have to start caring.

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9:01 PM  
Blogger ALi said...

You know lion cub i just enjoyed reading your story I Care,i love the way your truthful about how you had done wrong then you turned yourself around and saw the light,you changed for the better and in doing so you have put your faith in god and are now helping other's,i think that take's a strong person to do that,your a good man and i hope the younger generation learn from reading your work god bless.

6:51 AM  

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