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I am a Freelance writer, poet, editor, artist & catoonist. My work is used by several OnLine companies to attract readers. Some of my writings have been translated into Chinese on the internet. I am posted on FaithWriters & Ezine and I edit the Harford County Christian Jail Ministry, (HCCJM) Newsletter, in Harford Co. Maryland. A follower of Christ, I work for the humane treatment of prisoners, the homeless and the disenfranchised

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Daylight Moon

I just saw the waxing Moon,
in the middle of the afternoon.
I stepped out of the library doors,
it was just after three.
I looked up, and there it was,
clearly visible to me.
Between the basilica bell towers,
shined a glorious half moon.
Everyone else just rushed on by,
not even noticing the wonder,
and the beauty in the sky.

composed by Jim Stratemeyer,
Copyright © 2003 by James A. Stratemeyer


Blogger ALi said...

More beautiful word's,you have a great gift and such a natural talent,you seem to know how to reach in-to people thats what i like about reading your work it come's from deep with-in your heart,i admire you for that and will be a regular reader of your work.

God Bless


1:30 PM  

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