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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Your Honor, I find the defendants: Not Guilty

I admit that I have a bias here; that is, as soon as I hear someone say that President Bush aided in the events of 9/11, I mostly tune them out. I do the same to those who claim that President Roosevelt knew and aided in the events of 12/7/41.

Don't get me wrong, I don't tune out all conspiracy theories. I am convinced that the CIA and certain branches of U.S. military intelligence, motivated by power (some of them were about to lose their jobs). Teamed up with the U.S.military industrial complex of the early 1960's, motivated by profit, to murder our President on 11/22/63 in Dallas, TX.. (The same military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about in his farewell address.) Anyone who isn’t so convinced, should start looking into the evidence that is now available. I would passionately suggest that you read:
Professor Mellen's recent book "A Farewell to Justice" as a starter. (www.joanmellen.net)

I have an open mind about other historic and contemporary events labeled conspiracies. Lets admit it, most people conspire to do something, not by the book, almost everyday of there lives. From penny ante theft like stamping one another’s time cards at work to major schemes by the new international industrial complex or governments looking for new ways to screw the proletariat and make money for themselves, it happens every minute of everyday, somewhere. I have done things in my life for which I am very sorry. I am no better than anyone else and in my travels I have witnessed conspiracies (big & small) from both sides of the desk.

All politicians get caught up in the power and money games to some extent, it is unavoidable. Many of them are still patriotic, caring citizens nevertheless.

The love of money and absolute power corrupt. (I know the former is Biblical and the latter is Poor Richard, I think.) Both of these assertions were known to be true by our Founding Fathers, that is why we have a triune balance of power built into our government’s structure (theoretically).
However, I simply will not accept as undisputed truth that either President Roosevelt or President Bush had anything to do with intentionally killing thousands of their own countrymen.
In fact, if I had any money, I’d give even odds that Roosevelt and Bush lost good personal friends or children of their friends in these attacks, respectively.

I have no doubts that they knew there was trouble brewing and they were definitely getting intelligence indicating that something was up. That doesn't mean they knew exactly what, when or where it was going to happen or that they helped plan it.

I was born during Eisenhower's watch and I would assert that: any of the Presidents in my lifetime so far, would do everything they could to prevent such an attack, much less would they conspire with our enemies to perpetrate an open Act of War upon our own Nation!

When it comes to traitorous citizens or those who would prosper from war, I hold to different certitudes altogether!

I concede that it may be politically naive, but I believe the men who have achieved the office of the President of the USA and realized the magnitude of the responsibility, have done the best job they could. Whether I voted for them, whether I approved of what they did, whether they were good at the job or even whether they were honest or not, makes no difference. I still believe that as each in their own way grew into the office, they all did what they thought was best for our country; that includes Nixon, Johnson, Ford; & yes,
even now with G dubya.

John 18:38 Pilate said to Him "What is truth?" ...
"seek, and you shall find …" Matthew 7:7

May God Most High Bless you and yours.
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